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Commercial fisheries monitoring

Commercial fishers, wholesalers and retailers assist in monitoring Queensland's fisheries and help to secure a profitable and sustainable industry.

Information collected from the commercial fishing industry, along with information from recreational fishers (including those accessing the fishery through the charter sectors), is used to help assess the status of stocks and effectiveness of existing management arrangements. Good-quality information is essential to help make informed decisions on how best to manage our fisheries.

Fisheries Queensland uses the following methods to gather data and monitor commercial fisheries:

  • Commercial fishers are required to fill in a daily logbook that records what catch they land, where they caught their product, what fishing gear was used, and the time spent fishing.
  • Fishers, wholesalers and retailers help Fisheries Queensland collect important biological information (e.g. length, sex and age of fish) by allowing fish to be measured and by providing samples (i.e. fish frames).
  • Commercial fishers are required to use a vessel monitoring system (VMS) unit, which reports the position and activity of their fishing vessels (mainly trawl vessels). 

This guide provides an overview of commercial fisheries monitoring in Queensland and how commercial fishers are involved.


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