Subsurface line systems

Aquaculture production systems

In subsurface line systems, the horizontal mainlines and suspended culture panels are positioned well below the surface of the water.

Characteristics of subsurface line systems

As the lines and supporting floats are submerged, the only structures visible on the surface are site corner markers and optional intermittent buoys marking the location of submerged lines and anchors.

The culture panels are held off the seabed by a series of floats along the mainline. The submerged lines help protect the cultured animals from the effects of swell and wave action.

As with surface line culture, lines are kept taut and well spaced to allow aquatic wildlife to move freely and reduce the risk of entanglement.

Wide spacing of lines allows for good flushing, good light penetration to the seabed, and natural processes can take place beneath the lines.

Suitable species for subsurface lines

Subsurface line systems are generally used for culturing pearl oysters or scallops.

Things to consider

Because the mainlines are submerged, vessels are able to motor freely over the top of the farm.