Marine pond and tank systems

Purpose-built earthen ponds, constructed on coastal lands or near the estuaries of river systems, are used for the intensive culture of marine prawns and fin fish.

Characteristics of marine pond and tank systems

Saline water is pumped onto the farm where it is then gravity fed to a series of production ponds. Water drains from the ponds and enters a treatment pond where solid wastes settle before water is discharged back to the sea.

In some cases, recirculation systems pass some of this water back through the farm system.

Ponds have a gently sloping bottom to allow for draining and harvesting of the cultured product, and to allow full draining for a dry-out period between crops. Pond depths vary from 1.5-2.0m.

Pond sizes vary but most prawn ponds are about 1ha in size, while barramundi ponds are about 0.4ha.

Suitable species for marine ponds and tanks

The major prawn species farmed in Queensland is the black tiger prawn, with the banana prawn and kuruma prawn also under production.

The primary species of fin fish farmed in saline ponds is barramundi.

Things to consider

You will need to think carefully about the planning, construction and maintenance of earthen ponds.


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