Aquaculture industry associations

You can find suppliers, make contacts, and generate new business by attending events, seminars and networking opportunities run by your industry association. They can help you to connect with other businesses in the aquaculture industry.

Industry organisations usually provide members with key information and updates (i.e. how a change to legislation affects your business), run training and education programs, and lobby on behalf of your industry to influence government policy.

Contact your industry association to find out how they can help you to run your business.


  • Aquaculture Association of Queensland (AAQ)
    AAQ is the representative body for producers of freshwater finfish and crayfish. A bi-monthly newsletter is sent to all members to make them aware of the latest developments and up-to-date industry information.


  • Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA)
    As the membership organisation for the Australian farmed barramundi industry, ABFA provides valuable links between the industry, farmers, suppliers, wholesales and retailers. Members receive access to industry standards, research, codes of best practice and invitations to conferences and events.


  • Queensland Crayfish Farmers Association (QCFA)
    QCFA represents Redclaw farmers in Queensland and adjoining states. The association aims to present a united front to government and other authorities and promote the Redclaw Crayfish to Australia and overseas.


  • Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA)
    APFA was formed in 1993 to represent the interests and foster the development of the Australian prawn farming industry. As well as lobbying power, members receive networking opportunities, information about research and industry updates.

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