Drought declarations and revocations

A drought declaration is an official acknowledgment by government that an area or individual property is affected by poor seasonal conditions. In Queensland, a declaration can be either:

  • an area, shire or part-shire declaration
  • an Individually Droughted Property (IDP) declaration.

An area or shire drought declaration is made by the Queensland Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, based on the advice of local drought committees (LDCs).

An IDP declaration is approved by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries when a primary producer submits an IDP application that meets the necessary criteria.

Government drought assistance is only available to properties that fall within a drought-declared area or shire or have their own IDP declaration.

This guide explains:

  • the criteria that must be met to make a drought declaration
  • how to apply for an IDP declaration
  • what causes a drought declaration to be removed ('revoked'), and what revocation means for producers.

The guide also links you to maps of places that are currently drought declared in Queensland.