Counselling services for drought-affected communities

Drought places financial and emotional stress on affected communities.

If you or someone you know is experiencing financial stress or mental health and wellbeing issues, support is available from:

  • professional financial counsellors
  • mental health services
  • other assistance schemes.

These schemes are designed to help people in rural and remote communities deal with the impact of stressful situations such as drought.

The Rural Financial Counselling Service provides free financial advice to producers who are suffering financial hardship and have no alternative sources of impartial financial information. The service is funded by grants from government to local organisations that employ financial counsellors.

Find a rural financial counsellor near you.

Emotional support is also available. The Royal Flying Doctor Service provides a Drought Wellbeing Service funded by Queensland Health. The service offers both face-to-face and telehealth counselling for people in communities affected by drought.

Other mental health support services are available through the Queensland Government and through non-government organisations.