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Keep your pigs foot-and-mouth disease free - video transcript

Watch the Keep your pigs foot-and-mouth disease free video to find out more about the laws against supplying and feeding swill to pigs and foot-and-mouth disease.


We all want to reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill.

But feeding certain food waste to livestock is not an option as it can introduce serious diseases into Australia.

Disposing of food waste responsibly can prevent diseases from entering Australia.

These include foot-and-mouth disease or FMD.

Livestock, especially pigs, can catch foot-and-mouth disease from eating food that contains meat or some dairy products.

Even other food that has been in contact with these items can cause foot-and-mouth disease.

Feeding this type of food to pigs is known as swill feeding.

Swill feeding is illegal in Australia.

Household food scraps, commercial, grocery or industrial food waste must all be disposed of responsibly.

This includes restaurant food, butcher shop waste and bakery waste, containing meat or some dairy products.

Swill should be disposed of in an appropriate waste bin for collection and disposal.

Do not supply swill to another person or business for the purpose of feeding it to livestock.

If you are aware of livestock being fed swill, contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

Watch the Keep your pigs foot-and-mouth disease free video.


General enquiries 13 25 23