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Dog breeding animal welfare standards and registration 

New animal welfare standards and guidelines that commence from 1 October 2018 apply to anyone who owns a dog that is pregnant or gives birth to a litter. A dog owner or breeder who fails to comply with the new standards may be investigated and penalties may apply.

If you are a dog breeder in Queensland, you are required to comply with these animal welfare standards and also to register as a dog breeder on the Queensland Dog Breeder Register.

Compliance with dog breeding animal welfare standards

From 1 October 2018 dog breeders must comply with these compulsory Queensland animal welfare standards for breeding dogs and their progeny. The guidelines are the recommended practices to achieve desirable animal welfare outcomes.

The standards and guidelines apply to all dog breeders, including those who are exempt from registration and those who own a pet that has an unplanned litter.

Read more about the standards and guidelines to make sure you can meet minimum requirements.

Register as a dog breeder

You must register as a dog breeder within 28 days after your dog has a litter, unless you qualify for an exemption.


You don't need to register if any of the following apply:

  • you are a breeder of genuine working dogs that are held on rural land and you supply all puppies to other primary producers as working dogs to be held on rural land
  • the dog was born before 26 May 2017
  • you are already a member of Dogs Queensland*
  • you are a permitted or registered breeder with the Gold Coast City Council, Logan City Council or Queensland Racing Integrity Commission*

*Note: These organisations will manage your registration for you.

How to register

Register with the Queensland dog breeders register portal.

Selling, supplying or giving away dogs or puppies

If you advertise, sell, give away or supply dogs or puppies, you must provide a 'supply number' that identifies the registered breeder of that dog.

This means you have to register as a dog breeder and provide a supply number, even if:

  • you only want to breed 1 litter
  • your puppies are well looked after and in a safe environment
  • you don't sell the puppies but breed them for family and friends
  • your dog has had an unplanned litter.

You can:

The dog's owner generally needs to register, but pounds and shelters with pregnant females or abandoned puppies in their care will also need to register.

Read more about dog breeder registration.

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