Managing other fire ant carriers in fire ant biosecurity zones

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, individuals and organisations whose activities involve the movement or storage of fire ant carriers, have a general biosecurity obligation to take all reasonable steps to ensure they do not spread fire ants.

The Biosecurity Regulation 2016 prescribes procedures that you must follow when moving or storing a fire ant carrier, however there are other fire ant carriers that do not have specific risk mitigation procedures prescribed in the regulation.

These include carriers such as:

  • a product or by-product of mining or quarrying (e.g. gravels)
  • composted materials.

To move these fire ant carriers from a property within a biosecurity zone, you must either:

  • move the material directly to a waste facility (zone restrictions apply)
  • or
  • move the material within 24 hours of it being on the property
  • or
  • obtain a biosecurity instrument permit from an inspector.

Apply for a biosecurity instrument permit from a Biosecurity Queensland inspector or call 13 25 23.

For further information contact a Biosecurity Queensland inspector on 13 25 23.

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