Mango industry in Queensland

Queensland produces approximately 22,000 tonnes of mangoes a year, about 43% of Australia's total mango production:

  • Mareeba and Dimbulah (55%)
  • Bowen and the Burdekin (33%)
  • central and south Queensland (11%).

The Queensland mango harvest starts in North Queensland in late October and, in southern areas, ends in early April.


The main varieties grown are:

  • Kensington Pride
  • B74 (marketed under the registered trade mark CALYPSO®)
  • R2E2
  • Honey Gold®.

Other varieties are grown on a limited scale to extend the seasonal availability of mangoes or supply niche domestic and export markets.


Most growers sell their mangoes direct to supermarket distribution centres or through wholesale agents based at the fruit and vegetable markets in each capital city. All southern states have quarantine requirements for the entry of mangoes. Several processors take fruit for processing.

Most Queensland mangoes are sold in the domestic markets of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Facilities within Queensland also process several thousand tonnes of mangoes into mango juice and a wide range of mango flavoured products each year.

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