Growing sugarcane in Queensland

Rats in sugarcane crops

We are aware of higher-than-normal numbers of canefield (ground) rats and climbing rats in some sugarcane regions. While both species are native animals, you may control them if you follow the conditions of an industry-wide permit.

Contact your local productivity services company for more information.

Smartcane BMP is the voluntary best management practice (BMP) program for the sugarcane industry.

The program has 8 modules that cover:

  • soil health and nutrient management
  • irrigation and drainage management
  • weed, pest and disease management
  • planting and harvesting
  • farm business management
  • natural systems management
  • workplace health and safety
  • pathway to sustainable sugar.

It links with the Six Easy Steps program, and can help you to meet the Reef protection regulation requirements.

You can receive industry accreditation after:

  • completing modules 1, 2 and 3
  • undergoing an independent audit to verify that your practices meet industry best practice.

Smartcane BMP is managed by Canegrowers and is supported by the Queensland Government.

Economics and business management

  • FEAT Online is a free tool to assist sugarcane growers measure farm profit and evaluate different farming system changes. Using FEAT allows you to test different farming options before making a financial commitment.
  • Harvest Mate is a free web-based portal and app to help sugarcane growers and harvesting contractors record cane and sugar yield from the paddock. The decision-support tool uses data:
    • collected by Sugar Research Australia (SRA) from trials across the sugar industry
    • supported by detailed economic data collected and analysed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Read about sugarcane economics, including the results of sustainable sugarcane production, to help you assess the costs and benefits of different management practices.
  • The sugarcane industry roadmap to 2040 outlines actions in the near, medium, and longer term, to strengthen and build the industry.



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