Moving pigs with suspected JEV

Until you have received results from the laboratory tests, carefully consider whether you should move pigs from your property to other properties.

It is recommended that pigs showing clinical signs consistent with JEV should be isolated and remain on the property until you have received advice from your veterinarian or Biosecurity Queensland.

While the risk of spreading JEV infection by moving pigs is considered low, test results are usually available 1 day after the laboratory receives the sample. Waiting for the test results will give you and your veterinarian a better understanding of the risk.

You should advise properties receiving pigs from your property, including abattoirs, that you suspect (or have confirmed) JEV in pigs on your property and inform the receiving property about how you are managing the risk.

Other states or territories may have restrictions on pigs entering from a property where JEV infection has been confirmed. If you are moving pigs from Queensland interstate, it is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with any entry requirements.