About agricultural processing and manufacturing

Primary industry commodities make up a wide range of agribusiness, and food products and services, through manufacturing and processing. The value of this industry to Queensland is forecast to be $23.5 billion for 2021–22.

Queensland manufactures food items including:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • seafood and meat
  • value-added foods, such as dairy foods and ready-made meals.

We provide information and links below about:

  • the development and manufacture of agribusiness and food
  • food-processing pathways and tools
  • labelling and food standards.

You can also read about legal requirements and regulations, such as for food safety.

Manufacturing of food, beverages and agricultural products

Read about the manufacturing industry in Queensland, including food, beverage and agricultural products. Our information on:

The manufacturing industry fact sheet also provides an overview of legal, operational and business issues.

Contact industry organisations and networks for further information specific to your industry or area of interest.

Food standards for Australia and New Zealand

Learn about the food safety standards, labelling and food safety risk assessments that apply to your food business.

Far North Queensland (FNQ) Food Incubator

Connect with the FNQ Food Incubator to assist you with starting or expanding your new food business venture in FNQ. The Incubator can provide:

Biofutures opportunities for Queensland

Read about biofutures for opportunities to develop and manufacture products from sustainable organic or waste resources through technology and innovation. Bioproducts offer a renewable and environmentally beneficial alternative to conventional chemical and fossil fuel refining.

Potential bioproducts include:

  • feedstocks
  • fuels
  • chemicals
  • textiles.

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