Agbiz farm budgeting tools

Agbiz financial tools have been developed by the Queensland Government to help farmers make good business and production decisions.

Agbiz Excel spreadsheets can help you to calculate:

  • basic gross margins
  • partial and whole farm budgets
  • farm cash-flow analyses.

Agbiz financial calculators are easy to use. You do not need any financial training to use them. Each spreadsheet includes examples of data, but you will need to enter your own data to generate useful information about your farm.

Most Agbiz spreadsheets have been designed for Queensland farmers, but farmers across Australia and the Pacific can use them. The complete set of more than 250 Agbiz tools can support you in decision-making and assessment for a wide range of on-farm activities.

Agbiz calculators for plants

Agbiz spreadsheets for plants cover:

Agbiz calculators for fisheries

Agbiz spreadsheets for fisheries cover:

Agbiz calculators for animals and grazing

Agbiz spreadsheets for animals and grazing cover:

Agbiz calculators for farm business and finance

Agbiz spreadsheets for farm business and finance cover: