Topographic maps

Topographic maps show information about the shape of the land: both natural features and purpose-built structures. They can be used to obtain precise measurements (within map scale limits) of distance, direction, area and quantity. Depending on the map scale, some features are symbolised to provide additional information.

QTopo: online topographic maps

QTopo lets you explore Queensland's topography virtually. You can also request specific areas as printable PDFs.

Accessing QTopo

Using QTopo

  • To access QTopo quickly on your tablet or mobile device, you can add an icon to your home screen. Simply choose 'Add to home screen' from the share button on an Apple device, or 'Add shortcut to home' from the menu on Android.

Printing and downloading your map (for PC or laptop only)

You can print a map at A4, A3 or A1 paper size.

  • From the 'Click Here To…' drop down menu on the top left of the map window, select 'Generate a printable map.'
  • After completing the instructions, you will receive an email with a download link for you to save the file to your computer.

Interactive topographic map index

View the map coverage on the interactive topographic map index.

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For information on QTopo please contact us.

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