Types of business premises

There are many different types of business premises available in Queensland. A clothing store may locate in a major shopping centre, a panel beater may set up in an industrial park and a coffee shop may be established near an office complex.


If your business needs a large amount of storage with minimal office space, you may consider leasing or buying a warehouse. Investigate nearby transportation facilities and choose a warehouse in an accessible location so you can distribute your products quickly and cost-effectively.

Serviced office

A serviced office can be ideal for a new business. Your initial outlays are low as the office, floor or building is fully furnished and equipped, and you have the convenience of flexible leasing terms. However, due to the service provided, the rent is typically higher than leasing a standard office.

Home office

Running a home business lowers your overheads and eliminates the commute to and from work. Improved communication systems make working from home a suitable option for many businesses. Find out if starting a home business is right for you.

Retail shop

A stand-alone retail shop often has a lower rent, but less passing traffic, than a shop in a shopping centre. Drawcards like large department stores attract customers to shopping centres. This increases the traffic flow of potential customers and, by extension, the rent. Retail shop leases should comply with the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994.

Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are shared office spaces where sole operators, micro or small businesses can operate from an allocated desk space or small office. Working in these environments can assist in increasing productivity, driving innovation and expanding networks for small businesses.

Learn more about co-working spaces.

Technology incubator

Technology incubators can provide accommodation, laboratory and office facilities, business support and mentoring for startup technology businesses. They offer startup firms a range of benefits to help them grow:

  • lower operating costs
  • moral support
  • networking opportunities
  • access to advice and information.

Incubators can be a type of co-working space, and are often found in industrial parks, universities or business enterprise centres in Australia's large cities.

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