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Consider your start-up

Have you considered all legal and regulatory issues of starting a business?

Do you have the necessary resources to get started?

  • Make a list of the essential items you need to start. You can buy non-essential items later.
  • Have you considered the type and cost of insurance? Talk to an insurance broker - if you are not insured, you could lose everything.
  • Consider what staff you will need if you grow quickly.
  • What sort of access to finance do you have? Prepare contingency plans now before problems arise.
  • Consider opening a separate business bank account to keep personal and business income separate.
  • Suppliers can often be a great source of information on what your competitors are buying. Learn more about finding the right suppliers.

Do you have the best location you can afford?

  • Make a list of features that are important for your location, such as main road, space, low cost, and parking facilities.
  • Consider a number of potential business locations and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. Use our business premises checklist to help compare and assess different locations.
  • Learn more about finding the right location for your business.
  • Read about leasing premises. Before signing a lease, make sure you know your rights. Contact your solicitor for assistance.

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