Queensland Small Business Week 2019

Queensland Small Business Week (QSBW) 2019 will run from Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2019. QSBW 2019 celebrates the small businesses who make a vital contribution to our state's economy and play an important role in each region and community across Queensland.

Each year, QSBW continues to grow, with more events in more locations, delivering a range of opportunities for small business owners to network, connect and learn new skills that will help them succeed now and in the future.

Are you a small business owner?

Queensland Small Business Week is designed with you in mind.

As one of the most important events on the Queensland business calendar, QSBW 2019 provides access to innovative projects and initiatives that deliver real and positive impacts for you and your small business.

How to get involved

QSBW 2019 aims to give small business owners the opportunity to learn and acquire new ideas, skills and tools to take their businesses to the next level.

By taking part and attending or delivering a QSBW event, you will be part of over 150 small business events and 7,500 participants celebrating across the state.

Find out how you can get involved in QSBW 2019.

QSBW 2019 events

There are hundreds of great opportunities across Queensland where you can connect, collaborate and network with other small business owners to help take your business to the next level.

The QSBW events are constantly being updated. Check out our current list of events and register for one near you.

You can also subscribe to the QSBW 2019 small business week newsletter and receive weekly notification of events happening in your region straight to your inbox.

View the event calendar

Event host program

QSBW events are open to all types of formats including conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars, podcasts, networking and professional development activities that are run during QSBW 2019.

As an approved event host, you will receive:

  • marketing and promotional support from the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
  • an event listing on the Business events calendar
  • exposure and promotion via QSBW 2019 advertising
  • electronic files of QSBW 2019 collateral and graphic elements
  • access to the QSBW event host community group
  • supporting guides and templates.

Registrations for the event host program closed Friday 10 May 2019. Contact qsbw@desbt.qld.gov.au for further enquiries.

Small Business Week Grants Program

The Small Business Week Grants program provides funding support to Queensland individuals or organisations who are seeking to host their own event as part of Queensland Small Business Week (QSBW) 2019 from Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2019.

The objectives of the Small Business Week Grants Program are to:

  • provide a platform for collective investigation of local small business community concerns and solutions specific to an area or locality
  • empower local small business communities to come together to learn from experts and specialists in areas relevant to their sector or region
  • enable local leadership in small business communities.

The fund will enable the individual or organisation to offset the costs incurred by delivering events and activities that provide transformative impacts for small businesses.

Applications for the Small Business Week Grant have now closed.

Read more about the Small Business Week Grant.

Event sponsors

QSBW 2019 is presented by the Queensland Government, in partnership with:

Bendigo BankCSQ - stronger futures in construction

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