Starting your application for a Queensland Government business grant - video transcript

In this video Starting your application for a Queensland Government business grant, find out how to complete your business grant application.

Starting your application for a Queensland Government business grant

Now that you've decided to apply for a Queensland Government business grant, what's next?

Don't worry, we're here to guide you through the process, step by step.

To complete your grant application you'll need to provide more information about your project. For example, what is your grant project and how will it help your business? What are the expected outcomes for your project? Are your activities eligible?

Make sure to check the guidelines again and frequently asked questions. And if you're still not sure, contact us and we'll help you understand any requirements.

But remember, there are no shortcuts to applying for a grant. You must provide exactly what has been requested or your application will not be accepted.

You will need to provide information about what you will do with the grant. And this may require you to provide information about your proposed supplier and supplier quote. Make sure your quote is valid and includes all the required information.

A valid quote should contain all the suppliers details, their name, Australian business number, contact information and where relevant their website URL. It must also contain details of the grant funded project. For example, a description of the services and the key activities the supplier will provide.

And finally, the quotation should always be on a company or business letterhead.

We conduct a competitive assessment process on all grant applications. They are assessed against the guidelines, eligibility and the assessment criteria.

We can't tell you exactly how long this process will take, but rest assured, we work as quickly as possible to assess your application.

But remember not all applications will be funded. Either way, we'll advise all applicants on the outcome of their application.

Remember, if you don't receive a confirmation email, your grant application has not been submitted. Contact us if you have any issues through

Join us in the next clip to learn about what happens when your project gets approved.

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