Using the Queensland Globe

Use the Queensland Globe to access hundreds of spatial data layers on Queensland roads, property and land parcels, topography, mining and exploration, land valuations, natural resources (vegetation, water, soil etc.) and more.

The Globe can help you:

  • use 2D or 3D views to create a rich interactive experience
  • access spatial data anywhere and anytime through your computer, tablet or smartphone web browser
  • pinpoint your location and access data when in the field
  • browse through historic imagery for a particular area
  • compare current and historical data across the state to explore changes over time.

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Need help getting started?

For support using the Globe, you can watch our video tutorials or explore the Queensland Globe help page.

Using the Globe

To explore map layers within the Globe, you can:

  • search by area of interest
  • view groups of layers by topic
  • show or hide individual layers.

Layer topics

See our full list of pre-loaded layer topics to make your search easier, or explore some of our popular pre-loaded layer topics:

Once the map has loaded, you can toggle the map legend to see what features are visible on your map. You can also view metadata about layers for more information and change the layer settings to customise your map view. In some layers you can query data attributes to create an advanced search view of the layer.

Tips to improve speed

  • Check your browser and version: use a recent version of your browser to improve performance.
  • Zoom in to your area of interest: zoom before adding layers.
  • Limit your layers: turn off or remove unnecessary layers.

Note: Just like other web-based programs, functionality may depend on your individual internet accessibility and speed.

Saving and sharing

Create an account and log in to:

  • save your work for ongoing use
  • share your maps with others
  • add your data and combine it with different data layers.

Globe News

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Read about past updates and enhancements through the Queensland Globe News archive.

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