Satellite imagery

Satellite imagery of Queensland at various resolutions is available online or by subscription.

Satellite imagery acquired is either openly available or has been procured from commercial providers and access is restricted under licence agreements.

High-resolution satellite imagery

The Department of Resources maintains general reference imagery captured by commercial satellite at a resolution of 1.5m or better under whole-of-government licensing arrangements. Statewide imagery coverage from the DMC3 TripleSat constellation at 80cm resolution is being acquired and made available for 2016 and 2017.

The most recently captured high-resolution satellite imagery can be viewed on the Queensland Globe.

Recent data is available to select agencies through the spatial imagery subscription plan. Previous state captures including SPOT 1.5m during 2013–14 and SPOT 2.5m during 2012 are also available to state and local government agencies.

QSat imagery

Subscription access

Through an agreement with Planet Labs—the operator of the world's largest constellation of Earth-observation satellites—we have access to a near daily feed of high-resolution satellite images covering the whole of Queensland.

Select agencies can access the imagery feed through the spatial imagery subscription plan.

Free access

Under an agreement with Planet Labs, you can access a high resolution mosaic of Queensland for free under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence (CC BY-SA).

This mosaic comprises a 2.4 metre resolution ortho-rectified visual mosaic product, composed of the highest quality natural colour (RGB) Planet imagery acquired between 1 July 2017 and 30 September 2017 (Quarter 3).

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Landsat imagery

Landsat satellite data is now openly available through the United States Geological Survey's EarthExplorer.

The Queensland Government's archive collection of Landsat satellite imagery is managed on behalf of the Department of Resources by the Remote Sensing Centre, Department of Environment, Science and Innovation.

Government remote sensing products produced from Landsat satellite imagery for statewide monitoring programs can be downloaded from the QSpatial data portal.


The Queensland Government is part of the Copernicus Australia consortium, which supports the sharing of data collected from the European Space Agency's Sentinel satellites.

Data from the Sentinel satellites is freely available to research, industry, government and public users. Visit Copernicus Australia for details on how to access.

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