Airborne LiDAR data

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is a remote sensing method used to examine the surface of the earth. Since 2005, we have acquired and used data from airborne LiDAR sensors to manage our state's natural resources.

We have a range of elevation-themed spatial products derived from LiDAR data, including digital elevation models (DEMs) and contours.

LiDAR-generated point cloud data subsequently classified on the intensity of the return signal is also used to generate 3-dimensional models and visualise environments in high detail.

Accessing LiDAR data

You can access details of the digital archive of LiDAR capture projects through the QSpatial data portal.

Data is available through QSpatial or supplied through our FTP site. Find out more about supply and pricing of LiDAR data and other digital topographic data.

Recently acquired LiDAR data is available through the spatial imagery subscription plan.