Aerial photography

Aerial photographs of Queensland at various scales can be viewed online using QImagery or purchased directly from us. The complete collection contains approximately 2 million items.


We've digitised more than 800,000 historical aerial photographs dating back to the 1930s. The images are free to download.

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Please note: some images do not align exactly with the base maps; these will be updated in the future.

Aerial photographs dating from 2009 to the present can be ordered below.

Ordering products

Products include:

  • photographic quality prints of whole or part frames (up to 900mm x 1200mm)
  • digital image files of individual frames (tiff or jpeg format up to 1600dpi)
  • historical aerial photography compilations (jpeg format 400dpi) covering selected 100,000 map sheet areas
  • orthophotos.


Orthophotos are images resulting from the ortho-rectification of aerial photographs based on a digital terrain model or digital elevation model.

The ortho-rectification process aims to remove the effects of aerial camera lens tip and tilt, image scale variations, and object displacements due to ground relief. This is accomplished by reprocessing the photograph to conform to the orthographic projection.

Digital orthophoto image data tiles are geo-referenced and can be used as a backdrop layer in conjunction with other spatial information.


Orthophotos are generally available in uncompressed tagged image file format (tiff) or compressed enhanced compression wavelet (ECW) format typically at pixel sizes of ground sampling distance (GSD) of 0.5m or 0.6m and 2.5m. A 1:100,000 size tile is available for ECW only over many project areas at a GSD of approximately 0.5m or 0.6m.


Aerial photographs: digital

  • 300dpi, single photograph: .
  • Rectified image, per image: .
  • Rectified imagery, per 1:100,000 area: .
  • Resolution greater than 300dpi, single photograph: .

Aerial photographs: enlargement

  • Photographic quality print from imagery scanned at resolution greater than 300dpi (maximum finished size A3): .

Aerial photographs: photographic quality print

  • From imagery scanned at resolution greater than 300dpi (228mm x 228mm): .
  • From imagery scanned at resolution greater than 300dpi (maximum finished size A3): .

Aerial photography: additional fees

  • Print loan fee per photograph for 15 working days: .
  • Print late return fee per photograph each working day: .
  • Replacement fee for lost or damaged borrowed photograph: .

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