Digital cadastral products

Property boundaries: basic

This data set is:

  • a simplified version of the digital cadastral database (DCDB) showing minimal attribute data about the property boundaries (e.g. base lot polygons, lot and plan attributes and an accuracy statement)
  • available as whole of state or extractable by a local government area, locality or custom area
  • updated nightly
  • provided in a vector format as ESRI Shape files, ESRI file geodatabases, Google Earth KML files or MapInfo Tab files on various datums
  • supplied as a single supply open licence.

To obtain a complete free extract of the DCDB online:

  • visit the QSpatial website
  • search the phrase 'property boundaries Queensland'
  • follow the instructions to download the data.

Digital cadastral data: comprehensive

This dataset, which is extracted monthly:

  • contains data attributes
  • can be supplied as a once-off supply (with data current to the last extraction) or on a monthly reissue/update basis
  • is available on CD/DVD
  • can be licensed with rights as a user, distributor or developer on a once-off or ongoing basis
  • email to order.


Comprehensive data may also be downloaded from QSpatial by:

A web map service (WMS) is accessible through QSpatial:

  • visit QSpatial
  • search for ‘Queensland land parcel property framework web map service’
  • click ‘Live services’ to view links to live data and maps which may be consumed in GIS software.

Customer-specified data

Digital cadastral data with specified data format and datum is also available. This data will be:

Derived products

Email to get a quote for digital boundary data sets for local government areas. Available in MapInfo and ArcView formats. Licence conditions apply.

You can also order Cadastral SmartMaps online.


General enquiries 13 QGOV (13 74 68)