How to access cadastral data

Free online access

Digital cadastral data is available to view online, download directly and connect to via a live web map service (WMS).

View digital cadastral data online

You can view cadastral data alongside more than 600 spatial data layers through the Queensland Globe. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Queensland Globe.
  2. Click the Topics tab.
  3. Scroll through the list of topics and launch the Property topic.
  4. Zoom in to your area of interest to view the cadastral data boundaries and land parcel information.

Download digital cadastral data

Note: You can also download this cadastral data from the Open Data portal.

Web map services (WMS)

Data conditions

All digital cadastral data, whether provided free or for a fee, comes with a licence agreement.

  • Data downloaded via QSpatial as open data is provided under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence.
  • Purchased data is available under single supply or limited use licences depending on your requirements.

Email for more information.

Custom digital cadastral data products

The Queensland Government can provide you with custom cadastral data for a fee (prices below). Custom data is supplied in a range of formats through our FTP website.

Cadastral data is refreshed monthly and can be:

  • provided per local government area, over the whole state, or as incremental updates
  • licensed with rights as a user, distributor or developer on a once-off or ongoing basis
  • provided to suit your specific requirements.

Complete the Purchase Imagery and LiDAR form to place an order – go to the Queensland Spatial Help Centre and search for 'purchase imagery and LiDAR'.

Available formats for supply

Custom cadastral data is supplied though our FTP website in the following formats:

  • Queensland interchange format (QIF)
  • MapInfo (TAB with attribution in layers)
  • ArcInfo Export (EOO)
  • Shapefile (SHP).

Data is also available on CD/DVD.

Prices for custom cadastral data

Table 1. Comprehensive digital cadastral data supply (extracted monthly)

Data suppliedPrice
Monthly supply (for whole of state) {{ pass_6555 }}
per annum
Once-off supply (for whole of state) {{ pass_6554 }}
Once-off supply (for each local government area) {{ pass_30874 }}

Complete the Purchase Imagery and LiDAR form (go to the Queensland Spatial Help Centre and search for 'purchase imagery and LiDAR') to request a quote for the following custom data products:

  • Digital cadastral data with specified data format and datum. This data will be current to the date supplied and licensed with rights as a user and on a once-off basis.
  • Digital boundary data sets for local government areas. Available in MapInfo and ArcView formats. Licence conditions apply.

Data interchange format specification

Information about the spatial components and the attribute components is provided in the Queensland Digital Cadastral Database data dictionary (QIF). Customers receive a metadata file when digital cadastral data is downloaded or purchased.

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