Events style guide

Events submitted for publishing on the Business Queensland events calendar must meet our style requirements.


  • Know your audience and write to their needs.
  • Use plain English – language that is clear and to the point.
  • Avoid using jargon, technical language, buzzwords or 'marketing speak'.
  • Use active voice.
  • Use relevant keywords in your event details. This will help users find the event through search engines.
  • Use hyperlinks to direct users to related content.
  • Avoid repeating information you have already included elsewhere.


  • Put the most important information first in your summary and description.
  • Put key ideas toward the start of your sentences. This will help users scan your content.
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs.


  • Use bullet lists to highlight key information and to help users scan content.
  • Use bold and italics sparingly.
  • Do not use underlines.
  • Do not use all capital letters in your sentences.
  • When you use an acronym for the first time, write the phrase in full and put the acronym in brackets.
  • Do not include HTML or CSS.


  • Do not add images or other media to your event.