Events calendar policy

The Queensland Government business and industry events calendar provides Queensland Government agencies, and organisations authorised by Queensland Government agencies, the ability to list events for business and industry on this website.

This website is the 'one stop shop' for all Queensland Government information and services for business and industry.

The calendar lists events that aim to provide advice and assistance to businesses. This includes:

  • events that are organised and/or sponsored by Queensland Government departments and agencies, including statutory authorities and government-owned corporations
  • events that are provided by external organisations. These listings must be approved at Deputy Director-General (or equivalent) level of a Queensland Government department.

Queensland Government departments and agencies that wish to list events on the calendar will need to be trained in the process of preparing listings and their associated metadata prior to being able to list events on the calendar. This training will be provided by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT).

External organisations will need to be authorised by a Deputy Director-General (or equivalent) of the agency before being permitted to access the necessary systems to list their events on the calendar. Once approval has been given, the listing of events from external organisations on the calendar can take place but it is the responsibility of the department involved to train the external organisation to input their own information on the calendar.

DESBT reserves the right to remove from the events calendar material that is inappropriate or contrary to Queensland Government standards.

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