Events calendar policy

The purpose of the Business Queensland events calendar ('the calendar') is to provide organisations with the ability to list events that provide advice and assistance to business and industry.

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training ('DESBT' or 'we') welcomes requests from Queensland government and non-government organisations to publish events on the calendar.

If the event host ('you') would like to include your event in the calendar, note:

  • we do not guarantee we will publish your event in the calendar, either at all or in the manner and at the time requested by you. We will review all requests to publish events in the calendar and publish only those events that align with the objectives of the calendar and which comply with the law.
  • if we decide to publish your event on the calendar, we will include the information provided by you as the event host. The information provided must meet the style requirements of the Business Queensland website. We will take reasonable care to ensure the correct event details are published. However, we are not liable to you or any other person for any loss arising from the content of the published event details. If the event details change, you must notify us immediately and request we update your event in the calendar.
  • publication of an event on the calendar does not mean DESBT:
    • is sponsoring or supporting the event in any way
    • endorses the quality of the content of the event
    • is collaborating with or endorses the event host
    • or
    • endorses the venue as safe and suitable for hosting the event.
  • we will include a link to your nominated website on the published event listing at your request. The terms of use on the linked website govern the use of the material available on or through that website. We will not be liable for any damages or costs incurred as a result of the materials on the website being inaccurate, incomplete, unavailable or unsuitable for any purpose.
  • you, as the event host, confirm you have permission to publish the material that is on, or that can be accessed through, your event listing on the calendar. We publish approved events in the calendar in good faith and are not liable to anyone for the publication of material that infringes any person's intellectual property or moral rights.

DESBT reserves the right to remove from the events calendar material that is inappropriate or contrary to Queensland Government standards.

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