Building customer relationships when selling

Good businesses thrive on their sales team's ability to interpret customer needs and behaviour and build strong relationships.

Customer service

Customer service skills can help you keep existing customers and gain new ones.

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Building rapport

Getting your customers to like and trust you is essential to making sales. Building a rapport – making a connection with your customer – is one of the most effective ways to build trust.

Building a rapport means making an effort to put yourself in someone else's shoes. When you put yourself in your customer's shoes, you can then interpret and think about what your customer expects from you and tailor your approach to moving through the selling steps in a way that meets those expectations.

Effective negotiation skills

Negotiating skills are a powerful tool for salespeople, involving analysis, problem-solving, personal influence and persuasion. You can also navigate the sales process effectively with the help of good negotiation skills such as:

  • proposing appropriate offers
  • checking you understand your customer's comments
  • paraphrasing your customer's objections
  • considering and acknowledging your customer's views
  • suggesting alternatives
  • looking for closing signals
  • making closing statements
  • getting agreements quickly
  • following up on promises.

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