Preparing a business quote

Detailed, well-considered quotes win work. Knowing how to write winning quotes is an important part of growing your business. But getting your quotes right can be a big challenge. You want to win the job with a competitive price but you need to make sure your costs are covered and you make a decent profit.

Quotes showcase your approach to business and declare your costs and terms for providing your goods and services. While estimates 'guess' the costs involved in a job and are not binding, quotes offer a fixed price for products or services that – once your customer accepts – become legally binding contracts.

Learning how to master your quotes also helps protect your business from risks and losses. Quoting well involves:

  • taking considered steps to arrive at a price that wins you work over your competitors
  • allowing for a profitable return on your investment in the work
  • describing job components clearly and accurately
  • itemising any materials or resources required
  • detailing your costing and taxes
  • clearly defining the terms and conditions of your quote
  • taking a professional, polished approach to presenting your quote.

This guide describes how to write winning quotes and estimates.