Finding digital suppliers

If you don't have the skills or resourcing in your business to carry out all the actions of your digital strategy, you may need to find suppliers of digital products or services to help you. Even if you do have the skills, it is often a good idea to outsource digital services so you can spend more time and energy focusing on your core business.

Digital suppliers may include:

  • website and application developers
  • search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists
  • software and cloud computing providers
  • online security experts
  • social media managers
  • virtual assistants
  • digital marketing advisers.

Digital supplier questionnaire

Thoroughly researching potential digital suppliers is essential. This digital supplier questionnaire has a range of questions that you can ask potential suppliers to help ensure that the supplier can meet your needs.


  • What experience have you got in my sector?
  • What experience have you got outside your area of expertise?
  • What are the limitations of your business?
  • Can you work to a staged roll out/implementation that suits my budget?
  • What time frame do you work to?

For web developers

  • What development process do you work to?
  • Do you work in development cycles to deliver the project?
  • What are your recommended solutions to increase our SEO ranking?
  • What platform do you suggest we use, and how easy will it be to connect it with other platforms? (For example, a third-party customer relationship management email marketing software, or e-commerce platform.)
  • What experience do you have in developing e-commerce sales sites?
  • Will the site be optimised to work on a mobile phone, smart phone and tablet?
  • Are we able to change the content ourselves easily and what content
    management system (CMS) do you use?

For cloud suppliers

  • Where is your cloud solution and/or service located?
  • Does the cost per access reduce if more staff are moved to the cloud?
  • What is the difference between having fixed solutions and cloud services?
  • What are your security systems/protocols like?
  • Do you offer an uptime guarantee?

For software solution providers

  • How will this software integrate into other pieces of software my business is considering or has already implemented?
  • What are the ongoing costs related to this software?
  • Are there annual compulsory upgrades to purchase?
  • Is this cloud-based or is there a cloud-based offering?
  • Can my developer customise the software to suit my needs?

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