Your business in the digital economy

About the digital economy

The digital economy is a global network of different commercial and social activities, which are enabled by technology such as the internet and mobile devices.

From a business point of view, the digital economy is a dynamic environment where an increasing number of goods and services are provided online. The digital economy can help you reach a targeted global audience and encourage them to interact with your business.

Broadband and the digital economy

In Australia, the national broadband network (nbn) will become the key infrastructure that supports growth of our digital economy. The nbn is predicted to change the way Queenslanders do business through:

  • new technologies and industries
  • new products and services
  • new domestic and international markets
  • new ways of communicating with customers and suppliers
  • new work habits, especially an increase in telecommuting.

Read more about the benefits of the nbn on our digital economy.

Growing your business in the digital economy

Queensland businesses are encouraged to make the most of the digital economy and the opportunities the nbn presents. Consider establishing or improving your online business to grow your customer base and access new markets.

Innovation is an important part of future growth. With the rollout of the nbn, Queensland businesses have greater opportunities to innovate and rapidly adapt to the innovations of their competitors and other businesses.

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