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Broadband applications for your business

The national broadband network (nbn) will change the way current technologies operate in terms of speed, data capacity and reach, and will also encourage businesses to develop new technologies.

There are many ways in which your business could benefit from the nbn using both current and new applications. Here are some examples.

Software as a service and cloud computing

Software as a service (SaaS) - also called software on demand or cloud computing - refers to software delivered over the internet. The software and storage reside on your supplier's server and are made available to your organisation online as you need it.

Suppliers can provide software for a whole range of business applications, including accounting, data back-up, payment, security, and even typical desktop tools such as word processing and spreadsheets. You can customise many of these to suit your particular business requirements and reduce the costs of in-house hardware and IT support.

Cloud computing solutions can replace up-front capital costs (such as software licenses) with ongoing operational costs (such as monthly subscriptions). These solutions also provide access anywhere that you have access to the internet – and typically have mobile app versions as well as desktop computer versions of the software available to further enhance your business mobility.

Learn more about cloud computing for business.

Online support

The ability to transfer large amounts of data will enable access to a range of services not currently available. Queensland's health industry, in particular, could benefit through:

  • online consultations
  • remote diagnosis of electronic medical images (e.g. MRI scans)
  • in-home monitoring of elderly and chronic disease sufferers.

Under the nbn, Queensland businesses will also be able to offer real-time online support services to current or potential clients.

Media applications

The entertainment industry is likely to change as a result of the nbn. Content streaming in real time may become more widespread. One significant potential business application is online entertainment rental (i.e. film, television and gaming).

Voice and video conferencing

High-definition video conferencing will be possible under the nbn. This has a range of uses for Queensland businesses, including work-at-home opportunities and online collaboration with remote workers.

IP telephony or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) applications, which currently lose quality at slower connection speeds, will become more widespread under the nbn.

Social media

Social media is likely to play an increasingly important role in e-commerce strategies and product delivery. The ability to use richer and more interactive site content will affect the way virtual products and applications are presented. In particular, this technology has the ability to transform online retailing.

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