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Creating an export plan

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Support for exporters

  • You may be eligible for Trade and Investment Queensland's Market Ready initiative if your business has been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). The initiative includes:
    • advice on leveraging opportunities in the Chinese online market
    • brand development support for exporters entering new markets
    • China market development forums.
  • The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme funding has increased, allowing exporters and small- and medium-sized businesses to get additional reimbursements for costs incurred in marketing their products and services around the world.
  • A new Export Capital Facility will provide loans to eligible exporters who are unable to gain finance from commercial sources due to COVID-19.
  • Export Finance Australia will assist its existing customers through access to credit and financial relief.

Your export plan

Your export plan will help you define your export goals and the resources you need to meet them. It should answer the following questions:

  • What products do I intend to export?
  • What are my competitive strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are my target markets?
  • What marketing strategies will I use to reach these markets?
  • What are the time frames involved?
  • How much money do I need to finance export activity?
  • What regulations are involved?
  • What import duties, taxes and other costs are involved?

For help with your export plan, contact Trade and Investment Queensland. Your local export advisor can help you with your planning. You can also learn more about developing an export strategy.

An export plan should be part of your overall business plan.

Market research

This involves researching import duties, regulations, exchange rates, distribution channels, market size and growth, competition, demographics and local production.

Your research should include descriptions about types of buyers and how they negotiate, and cultural factors in business dealings. This information helps you understand how a market operates.

Trade and Investment Queensland provides Queensland businesses with exporting advice and can help you access information about your target market.

Read more about market research and get information on how to research potential export markets.