How to start managing online customer reviews

Follow these steps to start managing online customer reviews of your business:

  • Visit a number of review sites to get an idea of how they work. Make sure to visit any specialist sites that apply to your industry. To find them, type your industry name and 'customer reviews' into a search engine (e.g. 'real estate agents customer reviews').
  • Claim and complete your business page on the major review sites (e.g. Google Places, Yelp, and any specialist sites that apply).
  • Register with those sites to be notified when your business is reviewed.
  • Create a Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • Register with Google Alerts to track mentions of your business.
  • Let your customers know that you are actively participating in review sites, and explain how they can post a review.
  • Decide who will handle reviews for your business.
  • Start responding constructively to positive and negative reviews.

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