Limiting potential flood damage

If floodwater has damaged your machinery, there are 3 key steps to take to limit potential damage.

Speak to your insurer

Contact your insurance company to find out if your machinery is covered for flood damage and ask what evidence you will need to support your claim.

You can phone the Insurance Council of Australia's (ICA) 24-hour Emergency Hotline on 1300 728 228 if you:

  • have questions about your insurance policy
  • need to find out who your insurer is.

For information on what to do if you have been affected by flood, please phone the ICA's disaster hotline on 1800 734 621 or visit ICA.

If you need information and advice about getting an insurance claim paid, phone Legal Aid on 1300 651 188 and read Need help getting an insurance claim paid? (PDF, 315KB).

Keep accurate records

Before you try to recover flood-affected equipment, it is crucial that you collect evidence of damage and water heights. Take as many photos as possible of the flooded equipment both during and after flooding.

Accurate information on water levels around the equipment is essential. This helps to determine what components may have been affected by floodwater and assists the damage assessment process.

Contact your dealer

While you wait for an inspection by an insurance assessor or mechanic, you should contact your authorised dealer. Your dealer can give you advice before you do any work on flood-affected machinery.

As every model and make is different, the dealer will be able to give you model-specific information about your machine and the best way for you to limit flood damage.

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