Inspecting a centre pivot after flooding

Centre pivot irrigation systems can be affected by flooding in a number of ways. After floodwater has receded and it is safe, inspect the entire system. Any caught debris should indicate how high the floodwater rose. It is important to note any structural damage at this stage, as well as any soil erosion that may undermine the centre pivot.

You should also seek advice from a licensed electrician before repairing or using systems that have been submerged or affected by floodwater in any way.

If you will be making an insurance claim due to flooding, you should keep a record of any damage to the centre pivot (e.g. take photos). Before attempting any repairs, you should also talk to your authorised dealer to ensure you do not void your insurance or warranty.

The videos in this guide explain how to inspect a centre pivot after flooding, and the steps you can take to minimise damage in future.