Further reduction of stock

You should closely monitor your stock levels after a natural disaster. If you have reduced the number of stock on your property (perhaps by selling stock or relocating stock to agistment or feedlot), it's a good time to reassess your stock levels.

If you need to further reduce numbers, identify heifers that do not meet your 'replacement heifer' selection criteria and growing them out on agistment or place them in a feedlot to achieve market specification.

Long-term focus

Each time you reduce numbers, your long-term focus should be to maintain and improve profitability by developing a more functional, fertile herd that has the required growth attributes.

You should focus on the 'breeding objectives' of your herd. It is essential that you maintain clear breeding objectives when selecting bulls for your herd to ensure the profitability of your beef enterprise.

Planning for the future

As part of your long-term recovery from a natural disaster, you should consider how you could plan for and cope with future events.

For example, if you do not have an effective animal recording system, now is an ideal time to put one in place. This is best practice and detailed records will help you to effectively manage strategic stock reductions in future.

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