Tools and software to help agricultural businesses

Agriculture overview

The Queensland Government supports agricultural businesses with a wide range of interactive tools and software.


Over 250 downloadable Agbiz farm budgeting tools have been developed to help primary producers manage their businesses.

Agricultural Risk Management Tools Online (ARM Online)

ARM Online is a collection of online risk management tools for the agricultural industry.

  • CropARM (formerly called WhopperCropper) uses 100 years of rainfall records to predict year-to-year yield and gross margin outcomes to help farmers make critical management decisions before cropping seasons.
  • NitrogenARM calculates the required rate for applying nitrogen fertiliser, based on the difference between the demand and supply of nitrogen for cereal crops.
  • FallowARM calculates the possible range of soil water and soil nitrogen that is likely to accumulate over specific lengths of fallow, at specific starting times.
  • ClimateARM is the new online tool that incorporates components of the Rainman program. It analyses rainfall and other climate variables at individual locations, taking into account seasonal patterns and forecasts.
  • The Deep-P calculator determines the best rate of phosphorus to apply at depth, and the economic outcomes for multi-season crop rotation.


AussieGRASS, part of the Long Paddock website, is a system for assessing and monitoring the condition of Australia's extensive grazing lands.

Breedcow and Dynama

Breedcow and Dynama software helps with herd management and evaluation of beef business for beef producers, agribusiness staff, agricultural teachers, consultants, bankers, research and extension officers, and students.

eResearch Archive

A digital repository of scientific and research publications, and datasets authored by Queensland Government staff, including journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, theses and raw data collected in the course of research. Visit the eResearch Archive.

Farm Economic Analysis Tool (FEAT)

Designed specifically for the sugarcane industry, this spreadsheet helps growers assess the profitability of changes to sugarcane farming systems.


HowWet? is a Windows-based computer program that has been developed to provide a simple and accurate method of determining soil moisture and nitrogen mineralisation.

Land Manager's Monitoring Guide

Order a free CD copy of this guide to help you:

  • improve property management, planning and long-term sustainability
  • implement an environmental farm management system
  • monitor progress on agreed management strategies and outcomes in land management agreements required by Queensland law
  • support the activities of local Landcare groups or regional natural resource management bodies.

The guide includes an overview of property level monitoring, a template for developing a monitoring plan and a list of possible indicators.

Email or phone (07) 3170 5759 to order a copy.

The Long Paddock

The Long Paddock is an Australian-wide database offering high-quality, climate-related decision-support information. Check the latest:

SILO climate data

The SILO climate database contains daily climate data for a wide range of climate variables in formats suitable for research and climate applications. It is complete, with no gaps, from 1889 to yesterday, and includes climate change projections for 2030 and 2050.

You can download selected SILO datasets for Queensland locations free of charge. All other SILO datasets are available through a paid licensing agreement.


The Model for Effluent Disposal using Land Irrigation (MEDLI) software is used to simulate how effluent stream is stored, treated and ultimately disposed of.


QTimber is the digital application of the Construction timbers in Queensland publication. It provides critical information about using the right timber for the right job if you design or build with timber, or treat, import or sell timber.

Rainman StreamFlow

Rainman StreamFlow software lets you work out local rainfall patterns from 100 years of monthly and daily records.

Stocktake Plus

Stocktake Plus is a tool that allows you to monitor land condition, stock number and rainfall - and make appropriate grazing decisions. Other features include a forage budgeting tool and creating reports.


The Water Tracking and Electronic Reporting System (WaTERS) lets you submit monitoring and tracking data online, once your business has been approved to release water into the environment.