Checking replacement rams on arrival

Before you buy any replacement rams, you should examine them carefully for physical faults. It is also important to ensure they are delivered according to Queensland's livestock movement requirements.

On arrival, give your replacement rams a thorough physical examination to check for any injuries that may have happened since purchase, perhaps in transit. Let your ram supplier know immediately if any animals have physical problems. This is especially important if rams have testicular abnormalities.

By informing the stud supplier straight away you can claim for replacement animals or reimbursement. If you detect illness or injuries after the rams have been joined (mated) or had contact with older rams, it will be too late to claim.

The rams may have been injured or have contracted an infection from one of your animals after arriving on your property. The disease ovine brucellosis can be transmitted with palpable lesions evident in as little as 4 weeks.

There have been cases where rams with black spots, under/over shot jaws or even half the required number of testicles have been delivered. Take the time to check the rams thoroughly on arrival (or, even better, before delivery) or accept the consequences.