Applying for and managing an environmental authority

An environmental authority (EA) allows you to undertake the environmentally relevant activity (ERA) of poultry farming.

You can apply for an EA by:

Alternatively, you can use the environmental licences and permits forms and fees finder to find information about applying for a new EA or managing an existing EA. The diagnostic tool will identify any forms, fees and supporting information you need for your application.

Environmental management resources for poultry farms

The National Environmental Management System for the Meat Chicken Industry is a useful source of information, with regulatory bodies often requiring environmental management plans for new and existing developments. It is also a source of information for regulatory departments, consultants to the industry or other members of the public who want a practical overview of how the Australian meat chicken industry operates.

The Environmental Guidelines for the Australian Egg Industry is a document designed to help operators achieve best practice environmental management. It provides a summary of the Australian egg industry and information about the design and management of egg farms.

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