Applying for a development permit for a poultry farm

Depending on the size and location of your poultry farm, you may be required to apply for a development permit by completing a development application for a material change of use. Check with your local council to find out their requirements.

You must hold a development permit before starting an assessable development. Development applications are made to the assessment manager, which in most circumstances for poultry farms is the local council where the farm is to be located. The development application provides information about the proposed development to help the assessment manager properly assess the application. This applies to existing, new and expanding poultry farms.

Areas that may need to be addressed in the development application include:

  • site plans
  • distance to surrounding sensitive land uses and other poultry farms
  • water source and relevant licences
  • environmental management such as:
    • odour management strategies
    • manure and spent litter management strategies
    • dead bird management
    • noise management
    • critical design features that minimise impacts on surface and ground waters
  • potential traffic issues
  • existing vegetation and land resources.

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State Assessment and Referral Agency

The State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) is the single assessment manager or referral agency for all development applications where the state has a jurisdiction.

While the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning is responsible for a number of referral agency triggers under SARA provisions, there are still a number of other entities that exist outside of SARA that hold jurisdiction for their own referral agency triggers. Schedule 7 of the Planning Regulation 2017 identifies all of the referral agencies and their jurisdictions.

The State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP) sets out the matters of interest to the state for development assessment. The Chief Executive is responsible for assessing or deciding development applications.

Your development permit may have specific conditions and requirements in place, which must be adhered to. For example, environmental conditions may be placed on a development as a requirement under the relevant local government planning scheme.

Your poultry farm must also comply with requirements under various other legislation. For example:

Pre-lodgement meeting

Before submitting your application, you are encouraged to request a pre-lodgement meeting with all the relevant agencies (and local government officers) involved in the application. This will allow you to discuss your proposal prior to lodging your application and may reduce the need for further information requests.

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