Poultry research and development, peak bodies and resources

Research and development

Commercial poultry production research and development (R&D) activities are undertaken across many Australian universities, private organisations and government agencies.

In Queensland, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) conducts environmental, poultry health and food safety research, and provides extension services for commercial poultry industries.

Food safety and poultry health

Food safety research areas include:

  • aiding in the development of new vaccines
  • examining the impact of poultry production systems on the fate and survival of key food-borne pathogens in and around intensive poultry production systems
  • investigating different methods of on-farm control and detection of food safety pathogens
  • demonstrating that different production systems pose no increased food-safety risks to the consumer.

Environmental research

Environmental research has focused on investigating technologies or strategies to improve production, sustainability and environmental outcomes both inside and outside the shed. This has included:

  • improving ventilation management of chicken meat sheds to improve energy efficiency and shed litter conditions, and to reduce emissions of odour and dust
  • improving energy efficiency of ventilation by selecting more efficient fans or replacing old, inefficient fans with better options
  • researching odour mitigation strategies
  • litter management to reduce the impacts associated with wet litter
  • odour research that focuses on odour dispersion and impacts and measuring odours using various methods.

Benefits to industry

Benefits from new technologies and tools resulting from these activities help the state's poultry farms to:

  • remain profitable
  • grow their business
  • continue to produce safe, affordable, high-quality food in an ethically and environmentally sound manner.

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

DAF also works closely with the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation through the University of Queensland's Centre for Animal Science to conduct research into improving livestock health, welfare and productivity.

Poultry R&D funding is provided from many sources, including government and industry. More information about poultry R&D funding and programs in Queensland and around Australia is available from the:

Peak bodies and associations

Industry bodies and associations that represent the interests of poultry producers in Queensland include:

  • Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) - an industry body that provides marketing, and research and development services for the benefit of all Australian egg producers irrespective of their size, location or farming system.
  • Australian Chicken Meat Federation (ACMF) - the peak coordinating body for participants in the chicken meat industries in Australia and recognised as the industry representative by the Australian Government.
  • Queensland Farmers' Federation (QFF) - a collective voice for intensive agricultural industries in Queensland, including Queensland's poultry industry. QFF represents the following poultry organisations:
    • Queensland Chicken Growers Association
    • Queensland Chicken Meat Council
    • Queensland United Egg Producers


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