Identifying and controlling invasive plants

How to control invasive plants on your property
There are many methods available to control invasive plants. Often one method will not be sufficient to control serious invasive plants, and integrating several methods over a long period will be more successful. This approach is known as integrated invasive plant management.

When choosing a control option, you may need to seek advice from your local government or Biosecurity Queensland.

How to identify invasive plants
It is important to correctly identify an invasive plant to ensure that control methods are effective and appropriate. Some factors to consider when identifying a plant is where and when the plant grows, its shape, size, leaf form and flower colour.

Photo guide to invasive plants
These pages contain information about invasive plants that are prohibited or restricted plants under the Biosecurity Act 2014 or that have been identified as significant threats in Queensland

Note: Information about invasive plants not included in the A-Z listing may be available from your local rural producer's supplier store or your local government.

Publications including fact sheets
Biosecurity Queensland communicates pest management issues through media releases, events, field days and technical and operational publications.