Monitoring pasture and grazing land condition

Monitoring your pasture condition will help you notice changes early so you can modify grazing management to stop any decline in your land or pasture condition.

Monitoring includes photographing and inspecting paddocks annually to check pasture composition, condition and yield. Document the information for easy comparison with previous seasons.

Tools to monitor pasture and grazing conditions

Monitoring tools can help you make decisions about pasture and grazing management on your property.


VegMachine software uses satellite images to help you track changes in landscape cover over time and identify the best places to build fences to manage grazing pressure. This helps you pinpoint areas that require more specific management.

Stocktake Plus

Stocktake Plus is a tool that allows you to monitor land condition, stock number and rainfall - and make appropriate grazing decisions. Other features include a forage budgeting tool and creating reports.

Pasture photo-standards

Pasture photo-standards can help you determine how much pasture is on your land, and manage grazing and pasture accordingly.