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Understanding sustainable grazing and pasture management

Good grazing and pasture management is vital if you graze livestock and want to keep your land productive.

Pasture management ensures that pasture, either native or improved, is available for sheep, cattle or other grazing animals year-round, and that the soil remains healthy. Good grazing management organises livestock to make the best use of the pasture and helps conserve biodiversity - a key element of every healthy environment.

Sustainable grazing and pasture management is affected by:

  • climate
  • land condition
  • pasture quality and quantity
  • grazing frequency and intensity.

You should consider all these factors when deciding on a grazing and pasture management plan for your business. Good management practices will impact positively on the health of your land and livestock, and the long-term profitability of your livestock production.

This guide explains the fundamentals of grazing and pasture management in Queensland.