Improving pasture for grazing

A good pasture is critical to every grazing system. It has positive effects on the health of livestock and the long-term productivity and profitability of your business.

Improving pasture for grazing involves a variety of strategies and a coordinated approach. Native and sown (introduced) pastures are complex ecosystems affected by soil type and health, climate, tree cover, and management decisions.

To begin improving your pasture for grazing, you will need to:

  • understand pasture condition and growth
  • know how to select the right species for your land
  • know how to prepare and sow or seed a pasture.

You can then implement management strategies to maximise the productivity and resilience of pasture. These should include plans to control weeds and organise livestock to make the best use of the pastures.

This guide provides strategies to improve your pasture for grazing.