Managing total grazing pressure

Total grazing pressure is the ratio of the demand for pasture and the supply of pasture available. Demand can come from both livestock and native or feral animals.

High grazing pressure

When pasture is limited, total grazing pressure is high.

Low grazing pressure

During growth seasons when pasture is plentiful, total grazing pressure is low.

Total grazing pressure

Total grazing pressure can change quickly depending on rainfall and temperatures, breeding rates, stock sales and the number of native or feral animals.

Keeping total grazing pressure low

The key goal of grazing management is to continually monitor total grazing pressure and keep it at a reasonable level. You can achieve this by:

  • limiting livestock grazing through rotational grazing and spelling
  • selling
  • agisting.

The number of kangaroos, rabbits and goats consuming pasture also need to be sustainably managed.

Excessive grazing

Excessive grazing, especially combined with drought, can have a major impact on grazing land condition and pasture quality.

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