Managing grazing for improved production

To succeed as a grazier in Queensland, you will need to pay attention to the details of grazing management.

If grazing frequency and livestock numbers are not monitored and adjusted according to season, the productivity and resilience of pastures and soils will decline. And if livestock don't have access to suitable forage, they will not meet healthy live weight gain targets.

Grazing management involves organising livestock to make the best use of available pasture. There is no set formula for managing pastures across Queensland because of the variations in temperature, land type and pasture species. Your challenge as a producer is to consider these factors, and their interaction with grazing animals, when deciding how best to manage your grazing land for sustained use.

Good grazing management involves balancing pasture growth and consumption so land condition is improved. Accurately assessing pasture quantity, quality and how much the animals are eating will help you manage stocking rates.

This guide provides an overview of grazing management techniques in Queensland.