Managing grazing lands with fire

Fire is an effective tool for controlling the balance between pasture and woody plants competing for moisture and nutrients on a grazing area. It promotes fresh plant growth and the development of consistent groundcover for even grazing distribution. Both are beneficial to the diet of livestock; improved weight gain is associated with greener leaf and greater nutrient content in post-burn pasture.

When using fire as a tool within a grazing system, always consider your goal carefully and adjust your grazing management plan to ensure the goal is met.

With so many different land and pasture types in Queensland, there is no one fire regime to suit every need. When deciding on a fire regime for your grazing property, consider appropriate frequency, fire intensity, and timing.

You should always obtain a permit from your local fire warden and take all safety precautions when using fire to manage grazing land.

This guide provides an overview of how to manage Queensland grazing lands with fire.