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Agriculture workforce advice

Agriculture workforce officers can provide advice on workforce services and initiatives to all Queensland agribusinesses, regardless of commodity or organisation membership.

These services and initiatives include:

  • workforce planning advice
  • sourcing labour and skilled workers
  • recruitment
  • induction requirements
  • funded training opportunities.

This is a free service available to any agribusiness with operations in Queensland.

Agriculture workforce officers have links with employment and training service providers across Queensland. They can help agribusinesses understand available options and strategies to identify and meet future workforce needs.

There are 6 officers currently located with industry organisations (mostly fruit and vegetable growers' organisations). Together they are known as the Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN).

They are located in:

  • Far North Queensland
  • North Queensland
  • Central Queensland
  • Wide Bay Burnett
  • Southern Queensland
  • South East Queensland.

Details of a seventh QAWN officer are coming soon.

Visit the QAWN website to find out more, or to contact your local officer.

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